At Galex, our goal is to ensure the greatest possible return on our own and shareholder investments by acquiring and consolidating undervalued oil and gas assets and developing them to their previously unrealized maximum potential through the application of innovative technologies.

Asset Selection

  • Low asset price based on marginal current production.
  • Opportunity to significantly increase current production at lower cost by implementing Galex Energy technologies.
  • Availability of existing wells and infrastructure.
  • Minimum CAPEX and OPEX requirements.
  • Potentially high oil production-related profits after implementation of appropriate technologies
  • Significant potential for increased asset market value.

Cost Minimization

  • Asset value will grow by increasing production from existing wells and re-initiating production from idle wells through the use of Galex technologies.
  • There will be no need for costly well stimulation methods or additional CAPEX requirements.
  • Existing facilities and infrastructure will be adapted to the new production regime and will operate at peak efficiency.

Investor Entry

  • An investor may enter a project at the asset search stage or during the early stages of project execution, if joint project funding is required.
  • Entry at an early stage will provide the investor with expanded opportunities and a narrower cost window.
  • Each project will be implemented through the formation of an operating company, with Galex Energy Corporation and the investor as shareholders.

Principles of Cooperation

  • Galex Energy will extend to the operating company the right to use proprietary Galex technology and will provide it with management personnel.
  • The budget of the operating company will be financed jointly in individually agreed amounts and ratios.
  • The operating company will be under the full control of its founders and will provide them with complete, regular, accurate and comprehensive information about project progress and expenditures from the agreed budget.
  • The investor may control and affect the operating company through its members on the board of directors and via access to any information concerning the company’s activities.