SISG is a frontier technology for well-based extraction of organics from the subsoil. The technology is based on the natural ability of materials to exist in various aggregate forms with specific physical properties. SISG is a proprietary Galex technology for producing fossil hydrocarbons, including oil, bitumen, kerogen, lignite, etc., and resynthesizing them into marketable products.


S-BRPT is a SISG based extraction process for oil, including extra heavy and degraded oil. Licensed to Bear Rock Petroleum Inc. (


SWEPT is an impulse-wave based technology and serves as the basis for numerous innovative processes and applications. The technology is designed to facilitate the recovery of fossil hydrocarbons by improving rock filtration and fluid properties, in-situ natural energy, fluid migration forces, etc.


The S-ShOT (Frack-Free Shale Oil&Gas Technology) process is designed to recover scattered oil and gas in shale, tight sand, siltstone, and tight limestone, as well as heavy oil in tight rocks, etc.  The frack-free S-ShOT process is based on several proprietary Galex technologies that manage rock filtration values, in-situ viscosity and oil properties, capillary-driven flow, water encroachment and hydrocarbon fluidity. The process is frack-free, and its environmental impact is no greater than for conventional drilling.


The SWIT (Water Influx Termination) process dramatically reduces the water content of produced fluids. The process is based on several proprietary Galex technologies, and provides for a managed increase in near-wellbore oil saturation, even after initial water cut has increased to 100%. The SWIT process reduces water influx into the wellbore by blocking water flow channels while opening oil flow channels.


SWEM technology is designed to recover water from the atmosphere and generate power by concentrating scattered low-potential thermodynamic energy, which is available in unlimited amounts in atmospheric air. SWEM technology can provide a reliable and autonomous supply of water and electricity to farms and ranches, remote villages, urban and suburban areas, temporary camps, etc. The product is manufactured in the form of a mobile modular package and is easy to set up. No external source of energy is required. Elegant futuristic look.


STEMP is an exploration technology based on electromagnetic 3-D mapping of the subsoil environment from the surface to a depth of 15,000 feet and subsequent interpretation to identify hydrocarbon accumulations. Correlation with drilling and regional seismic data provides for additional accuracy in defining structures, unconformities, and tectonic and micro-tectonic distributions.